The greatest question of life is what good will I do with it? - Benjamin Franklin


The Benefits of Membership

3rd Third is a membership organization for those who have accomplished things in their lives and want to continue to learn and contribute based on their experience. It provides support for what can be the most productive and fun portion of life by preparing and providing books, seminars, classes, companionship and opportunities for learning and contributing.

  • Meet interesting people
  • Enlightening monthly seminars (no seminar in December)
  • Contemporary issues
  • Wide range of topics

3rd Third Member Benefits:

  • As a member you may attend all seminars. Reservations are a must, first come first served.
  • Seminars include lunch. (If you have any food limitations or allergies, please bring your own lunch).
  • Non members will pay $50 for each seminar.
  • Members will receive a $50 credit for each member they recruit. The credit may be used to purchase Fulcrum books or it may be used to bring a guest to one 3rd Third seminar.
  • A self-help booklet, Looking Forward, that enables you to evaluate yourself and decide what you would like to do in this important part of your life.
  • Companionship—Interact with interesting people, teachers, and role models.
  • 3rd Third will be aware of and linked to other organizations which are offering services for older Americans, as well as organizations contributing to the community.

Major interests include:

  • Nature and the Environment: What kind of world are we leaving our grandchildren? Teaching nature, stewardship and activism. Preserving wild places and species.
  • Memories of the Past: Studying, writing and teaching American and local history.
  • Citizenship + Social Change + Activism = Influencing the political and cultural agenda locally and nationally
  • Altruism: Opportunity to select and contribute to your chosen volunteer organizations.

Membership for 12 months


Any Questions—Contact Patty
303-277-1623, ext 1220 or

Note: We do not provide health or financial advice, which are available from other sources.

Membership Application

Please fill out the Membership Application and mail or fax it back with payment or credit card number to:

The 3rd Third
The 3rd Third
4690 Table Mountain Dr., Suite 100 • Golden, Colorado 80403
Fax: 303-279-7111 • 303-277-1623