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2018 Seminars

The 3rd Third Seminars are held in Golden, Colorado, although at times they will be held in other parts of Colorado or broadcast from other locations.

Come for coffee or tea at 9:45
All seminars will be from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm Free beverages and lunch are provided. Those with dietary restrictions are asked to bring their own lunch.


January 18, 2018
Wesley West

Spies, Satellites, and Space

The US Space Program

Wesley West, retired Air Force Colonel and Space industry leader, will guide us through the days of the Cold War when national security relied on satellite-based photo reconnaissance. What steps did the US take to get quality intelligence regarding the Soviet Union once the Iron Curtain went up? How did the 1947 Foreign Affairs article by “Mr. X” (the US Charge d’affaires in Moscow) set the stage for the Truman Doctrine and initiate the Cold War? What gaps did President Eisenhower see in our ability to make intelligence assessments? How did the covert Gary Powers U-2 spy plane incident mandate a space-based solution for our intelligence and protection? We’ll learn more about the CIA/Air Force Corona photo reconnaissance satellite program that was outwardly called Discoverer with the “public mission” of scientific research. And we’ll see recently declassified images from the Gambit and Hexagon satellite reconnaissance programs.

We’ll hear the fascinating history of what went on in our quest for intelligence in the early days of the Space program. We’ll find out about technical challenges encountered in gathering information through space-related devices. And we’ll learn about the evolution of the Space Industry and just how large it is today.

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February 15, 2018
Nicole Rosmarino

American Serengeti
Reviving the Splendor
of the Great Plains

Huge herds of native grazers with predators hot on their tails on a savannah landscape stretching to the horizon. We’re not talking about Africa, but rather the North American Great Plains, not too long ago. With imagination, Dr. Nicole Rosmarino, director of the Southern Plains Land Trust, will take you on a journey that begins in the 1800s, continues to the present, and holds great promise in the future.

Along the way, you’ll meet wildlife so abundant and spectacular that John James Audubon had to put down his pen because he was just too overwhelmed. Some of these creatures may surprise you – while now associated with western forests, they were once prairie dwellers. There are bright spots and bleak, featuring humans as both antagonists and protagonists. The culmination of this journey is an invitation to re-create the lost world of the American Serengeti.

Among the topics in this seminar are:
• The historic fauna of the Great Plains
• Homesteading on the prairie
• Rough times of the Dust Bowl
• The formation of the National Grasslands
• Attitudes toward nature and wildlife
• Economics and demographics in the Great Plains
• From private lands to national parks
• Prospects for a new American Serengeti


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